Match Trade Platform


Match Trade Data Feeds provide the low latency price streams for FX, Indices, Commodits, Equities and Cryptocurrencies

All price streams are generated in the ultra-fast Matching Engine designed and developed in-house by an experienced team of industry professionals. Our Data Feeds allow all Forex market participants to access reliable sources of FX, CFD and Crypto instruments in the fastest possible way. We also cover multiple equity markets from Europe, USA and Asia.

Easy To Use

As one of the most universally popular trading platforms, Gold Option Platform strength is in its simplicity. Its classic design and powerful analytical tools make it a stay within the trading industry

Super Fast Execution

Match Trade platform has a very low trading latency, your trade will be instantly executed/closed right after you close the execution button. Most our traders satisfy with the platform for its efficiency in trading and comfortable trading conditions


As one of the first ever providers of Gold Option Platform, our years of experience means we we’ve optimised our Gold Option Platform offering to provide you with the ideal trading experience delivers results.


Progressive Web App (PWA)

is a modern model of application development that sets new standards in programming and can completely replace dedicated mobile applications in the future. Thanks to PWA technology, the Gold Option platform is really a singular app that itself adapts its interface and features to the user’s device. The real all-in-one app means that our trading platform has both an interface for mobile devices as well as desktop and web.

  • Available Mac OS

    You can download Platform in Mac OS

  • Available Android OS

    You can download Platform in Android OS

Full Set Of Orders & Trading Functions

To implement any strategy you need a flexible Gold Option Platform mobile trading system paired with a full set of orders and trading functions. Instant execution orders allow you to trade Forex continuously, while pending ones relieve you from the necessity to constantly manage your trading.

Your trading request will be executed even if the application is closed. Open positions can be modified by changing Stop Loss and Take Profit order levels in order to set your profit or minimize your losses.

All information regarding the amount of orders and open positions, open prices, volumes and account status can be found in the Trade window, while the History window allows you to view the detailed history of all previously performed trades.

Implement any strategy! The flexible Gold Option Platform trading system for Android and IOS will help you.